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There are a variety of services and options available, and we are hoping we have just the right one to help you start the process of getting your life "reorganized now".  Sometimes all it takes it that one step to get the ball rolling. I love the domino effect that reorganizing even just a small area can potentially have!

Step 1: Consultation

 This is where we will begin! I will first set up a face to face consultation. This usually takes about an hour. I will go over the space or spaces you are wanting to start with. I will take measurements, discuss budget, come up with a plan of action and set a date (there is a $25 consultation fee that will need to be collected prior to your consultation) . Once a session is completed this fee will go towards your balance. Let's be honest, time is precious. I value your time, and hope you value mine. 

Step 2: Behind the Scenes

After the consultation, I will begin preparing to come in and organize. I will discuss during the consultation whether you prefer me to do all the shopping ($40 one time shopping fee, includes planning, product ordering, product pick up, and possible returns)*I do get a discount at Container Store if I do the shopping for you. If you prefer to shop and order the recommended items for the space I can send links and or places to purchase items. I will take into consideration your budget as well. If you are looking for a uniformed space with all matching baskets, please note that this will increase your budget. *Services do NOT include organizational materials needed.  *A time estimate will be provided, but that will determine how quickly decisions are made when it comes to the purging and sorting.*

Step 3: Let's Get Started

We will start by decluttering, sorting, purging, and finally reorganizing it back into your space. I charge $50/hour with a minimum of 3 hours. We can do it all in one day or in multiple days. Anything you are willing to part with will be donated to Recycle to Support (R2S) and a tax receipt will be available if you desire. 

Other Services

Monthly Service

Like a monthly cleaning service or monthly pest control, many people benefit from this type of monthly organizing service.  This service is set up on a monthly basis (around 3-4 hours/month), and I will focus on a different area each month.  


January- Pantry

February- Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers

March- Linen Closets

April- Laundry Room

Price is $140. Commit to more than 3 months, and a $5 discount is taken off each month. 


Tidy Up/Sale Ready/Unpacking

Is your home getting ready to go on the market or do you have family/guests coming into town?? This is a great service to purchase if you just need a little TLC in a few rooms of your home.

Just moved in and want some help unpacking, we also offer this service.

$50/hr minimum of 3 hours


Don't have the time or money to hire me to come to your home, but still need some direction...I can offer some simple over the phone suggestions to help get you in order. I will simply need a few photos of your space and the goals you are wanting to achieve.  We can come up with a checklist to get you going in the right direction.

$40/per each DIY session

Gift Certificate

Know the perfect person needing this service, we have gift certificates! 

Please go to the Book Now Tab and those can be purchased there.